Update time! 1.2 is out!

the update is real! 1.2 is out.

just check what’s new here on this list!

- 4 new dungeons where the final reward is a power up version of one of the MAGIC RINGS
- 3 arenas
- Red Ninja (santa) house, fight, red ninja’s shop
- Mage Tower completely explorable
- Fishermen Houses that can call back your boat.
- Overall combat/enemies rebalance
- Around 10 new weapons/armors (most of them are in the Mage Tower) plus a lot more as unique rewards in the Arenas
- New Side Quest -> Hocus Pocus
- Cockatrice Side Quest Fixed
- Rebalance of all the Powers in the game (from damage/mp cost to sell location)
- New powers added (Combustion, Ice Wall, Charges, all the powers sold at the Mage Tower)
- New Passive Powers (that cost 2 PP)
- Rebalancing of the effect of SPD,EVA,CRI and RES
- Spelling errors fixed (most of)
- Fixed Amazing Bullman transition into bushes;
- Fixed Judas randomly appearing after being killed;
- Chapter 3 dungeon light and Zeppeling bug from old save files are now fixable by a character in Dark Eidous lab
- Level cap increased to 40 (was 30), skill cap increased to 78 (was 55)
- Secret Boss is now much stronger, balanced for a 40 lvl party with powered rings

+ New lighting system, faster, more realistic and subtle lights and shadows
+ New binary save system (abt 10 times faster)
+ Fixed a bug where savefiles became bigger and bigger every time slowing down the game
+ Controller now rumbles when screen shakes
+ Screen shakes when player or enemy get hit
+ Added an HP/MP bar animation so when damaged/healed the bar fills slowly
+ Added a smart bar that indicates an average effect that an action has on HP/MP of a friend/foe
+ Added Minimap markers for visited locations
+ Animation graphic size reduced to make loading faster

shit just got real!