The Team

In 2011 there were two guys with the same passion for making video games, but they had two names: Matteo Nicolotti was HeartBit Interactive and Francesco Ficarelli was the Benjamin Ficus Production. Then they decided to use one name and after A LOT of thinking Francesco sayd that HeartBit was cool ’cause it had a Heart in it… Made with bits 🙂

And so HeartBit Interactive was born!

While Matteo focus on technical aspects of XNA programming, Francesco is working to create a great game experience in his products (that’s what he says).

Matteo Nicolotti  and Francesco have very different skills and viewpoints on how the games should be. They often fight over lifechanging questions like “What is the most important part of a game: boobs or explosions?” or “Should we add this extra feature 3 days before release date?”, but this might be the reason they care so much about their games quality!

If you want to contact us, send us question, congratulate or threaten us,
send us an e-mail at:

Doom & Destiny (Awesome Game):

Matteo Nicolotti (Programmer):
mail: heartbit.interactive[at]

Francesco Ficarelli (Game Designer):
mail: thebenjaminficus[at]

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