Big News, Do&De has been reviewed by Avarisclari Big News
“…Doom and Destiny was a fantastic journey…”

A cool video review from the YouTube channel Cinghiali Sul Tubo!
Uno dei GDR pi divertenti che abbia mai giocato…

An awesome 9.3/10 from!
“...un vero videogioco capace di scontrarsi con produzioni da budget ben pi alti.

Cool interview made byArchivio Videoludico(BO) via
about Doom & Destiny, Spyleaks and Doom & Destiny Advanced!

…in questo gioiellino troverete tutto quello che vi serve per essere felici!
Oldschoolnerd made an awesome review on “The VideoGames Pit

Wanna know more about the makers of Doom & Destiny? Do you speak italian? wrote an AMAZing article about us!

Italian Pride! And we are proud to show our 5/5 on
the Games Machine!

8.5/10 on Android Magazine… And on Paper!!! πŸ˜€
Android Magazine Ita

If you can handle the “itanglish” of Francesco ;),
here it is an awesome podcast by!

Old Games Italia wrote an outstanding review to Doom & Destiny!
You can read it here!

Amazing podcast with the makers of Doom & Destiny
on Occhio del Beholder!

Doom & Destinyis one of the best JRPGs available on iOS”
4.5/5 for TouchArcade!

“Everything just works, … ,it’s an absolute classic.”
A sweet 89/100 at All About Windows Phone!

“I definitely recommend this game to fans of RPGs…”
Eric from Analog Addictiongives a nice 7/10 to the XBOX 360 version!

It’s got magic and dungeons and pizzas and jokes galore, and the gamers love it.”
D&D is one of the 10 recommended WP games by Reddit

A detailed podcasty by Start Select, but it’s not a secred that Doom & Destiny is fun to play πŸ˜‰

A sweet video review byTheOnemancrusadeon YouTube!

…una delle migliori app italiane nel mondo…
WIRED.itinterviewed the two amazing developers of Doom & Destiny!

The French magazineCanard PC wrote a super review, 8/10! Merci Beaucoup!!!

…Doom & Destiny un ottimo gioco di ruolo…
Another good review by hdblog! Thanks guys!

…every moment of Doom & Destiny is a gift to RPG fans and anti-fans alike.
This reveiwer really played and enjoied Doom & Destiny! Thanks Gamezebo!

“Witty, nostalgic and satisfying, this is a very special game indeed.”
Oh yeah, thanks Fantasy Bastion!

An honorable mention to Doom & Destiny which conquers the “app world” on a shitload of italian newspapers!
La Repubblica“, “Il Giornale“, “Ansa“, “La Stampa“, “GQ“, “Corriere della Sera” and “Leiweb“!!! Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!

A great interview @Nokia Converversions!
Doom & Destiny is falling in love with NOKIA πŸ™‚

“…figata allucinante!!!”
If you speak italian and you should πŸ˜‰ check this amazing home made review byFatrame1!

“…a stellar example of what can be achieved when developers really care about the player’s experience.”
A stellar review from Fantasy Bastion!

“Pay close attention all you so called game developers out there, this is quality entertainment at its best!”
ThanksWP7 ConnectΒ and thanks again for the niceinterview!

“Dude… dude….. dude……best game ever.”
A dude on Facebook!

Doom & Destiny in Hungarian is a mustonWinmagazin

Windows Phone Central are impressed by Doom & Destiny!!!

“…the game is quite fun and totally worthy…”
that what they say during Conversations by Nokya

“Doom & Destiny is a giant nostalgia trip…”
Ooohhh πŸ˜€ Peeny pincing and Barrel scraping

“…Doom & Destinyhas become one of the most enjoyable and highly rated Xbox LIVE Indie RPG on the marketplace…”
this is the thruth about gaming, @ GamingThruth, super thanks guys!

For our italian fans, here a nice interview at Inside the Game

For italians only, here a super video review on Youtube by Due di Pixel

and even a walkthrough by DashGamersChannel!

Hei dudes and dudettes, Alloy Seven did an outstanding good videoreview!
And his voice it’s so suave πŸ˜‰

Doom & Destiny just got examined and it’s a 5/5 at the Examiner!!!
“…you’re going to absolutely love Doom & Destiny…”

“Doom & Destiny is a great game, and the price only being $3 is even better.”
4/5 at Proven Games

I’m not sure if people realize how happy can a developer be to read stuff like
“Doom & Destiny is one of the best RPG’s that I have ever played”
Thanks Gameguvnor!

“Where are all the old past experiences? Where all those wonderful emotions that have punctuated the life of a gamer, whose dignity hour mix with stray bullets, ‘calls’ annual and reworkings insistent, losing the consistency? Today being a nerd has become too negative a connotation: it is he who loses time with what is foolish, foolish one who can not give him anything except the joy of the moment. Then comes something like a meteor, which takes all these inane statements and denies, giving a new fullness of this’ class’ … A meteor that is born in Italy, ready to break out in the world …”
Cyberludus honors D&D with the best review we received up to now!

“Doom & Destiny is a good parody, and is worth pushing through the grinding and boring story. The comedy is great and laugh out loud worthy…”
No more than 3/5 on EmptyLifebar because of grinding (really?) and bad plot (never heard anyone complaining about the plot of Space Balls anyway).

GamersHeaven thinks that D&D “…is a great indie RPG … filled with great geek humor, a good and refreshing retro feel, an easy going story and mechanics”

If you’re still shocked for the upcoming update changelog you can take a deep breath and read this good review on IndieGamesChannel

Check this excellent review from Two Fedoras and Armless Octopus!

Our friend Dcon was the first to give the web his first impressions on D&D, notice that they are dated 8/26 (the launch day on XBLIG)

Oh and even this one from Digital Quarters, 9/10!

What about this classy french review from Game Side Story!

This is a “Collector’s Edition” on A Comfortable Shade of Grey.

Mash those buttons! It’s an order!

This nerd know a lot about good video games, thats why he likes Doom and Destiny! Nerds are Amazing:
link missing πŸ™

4/5 on IRB GameR!

The truth about video games at Gametruth:

And this one from real XBOX LIVE ARCADE FANS:

Check this out: an awesome 10/10 here at GameFaqs:

JGGH didn’t like the game genre so he didn’t like D&D either πŸ™

IndieGamerChick also liked the game so so…

While the Indie Mine thinks D&D still has much to learn from Final Fantasy and co. (since it is an Indie game with something like a 200$ budget it might be ok thought)

Robotgeek will likely love the new almost borderless experience of Spaghetti Update, until then it’s a 3/5

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