Developer Log, 18 Febbraio 2020

Have you ever wondered how video games are made?

While the work on Doom & Destiny #WORLDS started in 2017, our game designer only started recording his day by day work on paper in March 2018.
2 years later, he reached page 200 

He does it to help visualize his mad thoughts about the game and keep track of small bugs and hot fixes (big ones need a big computer).

Does any one of you nerds is a game developer? Do you still use pen & paper to support your work? Do you still use pens or paper in 2020?

FUN FACT: the reason why we still use paper is because in 2012 we printed many, MANY, pre-filled receipts hoping to speed up the sales during a fair. Long story short, we didn’t sell anything and we were left with a ton of half used sheets of paper. Instead of throwing them away, we decide to “recycle” them using the white back of each paper.