Developer Log, 12 Feb 2020


We are aware that many of you are asking for a closed/open beta of the game, but we built Do&De Worlds differently from our previous works.
In our previous games, each small area was done from start to finish (mapping, enemies, treasure, dialogues), but in Worlds, we focus on each aspect on the WHOLE game.
So, for example, we started mapping the WHOLE world, then we moved to add the trees, then the bushes, then the treasures… and so on.

Now it’s the time for the story and the dialogues.

If we release now a DEMO, the game will be unplayable ’cause the player will have NO IDEA where to go and what to do as even the smallest goal or item description is not explained.

This is how HeartBit Interactive works… This is ho DESTINY works!

We hope this long post didn’t bore you to death.

Stay tuned for more!