Upcoming 1.2 patch details !

As all weekend here’s a report on the update 1.2 developement:
As anticipated last week on our facebook page 3 new arenas of increasing difficulty will have you test your skills to collect tokens and new awesome items!One big “hack and slash stile” dungeon and 4 awesome end-game dungeons to boost you characters to a new level of power and fun!


And the award goes to…

It’s been an outstanding week-end for indie games, Indie Games Summer Uprising being featured at Pax by Dave, Microsoft announcing Dream Build Play winners, Zeboyd announcing their at work on Penny Arcade’s RPG sequel…


We also have the first review for Doom & Destiny on GameSideStory.

Looks like they liked it a lot!

I know our forum may look empty but that’s just a good reason to fill it up!
We look forward to hear your thougts on D&D.



First impressions

It’s just a few hours on the channel and we just got an enthusiastic first impression from Dcon.


“Doom and Destiny is probably, so far anyway, one the best JRPGs I have ever played.” http://xboxindiereviews.wordpress.com/

And, what’s best, he wasn’t even on the review codes list. If you have reviews (no matter how good you were with the game ) please just put a post on the forum, it’s much appreciated!

Since we have a lot to learn, your feedback is the most precious tool we will ever find.

DARK EIDOUS everyone!!