Tomorrow: #SPAGHETTI Update

Guess what: TOMORROW, the 1st of June,

What can you expect from this new #Story Update:

  • Chapter 11, A Trip to Demons Island!
  • Level Cap 55
  • 103 Total SECRETS, +16 new Cosplay and 17 new Battle Postcards!
  • Summoner’s been rebalanced and his minions are stronger than ever!
  • Curse status removed. Added two new status: Blessed and Well Rested
  • Battle Scan“: learn your enemy’s stats and weakness
  • New title screen, new “Chapter title cards”
  • Old bugs fixed, new bugs and misspellings added!

Stay tuned, ’cause tomorrow is the DAY!

Next week – Do&De Adv SPAGHETTI UPDATE


Ladies and gentlemen,
next week, the new UPDATE will be online!

The ‎Spaghetti‬ Update will add a new chapter to the story, more secrets, more costumes, more gameplay features, tons of fixes and new misspellings!
This time is for real, the update is COMING! Brace yourselves!

Doom and Destiny 2 2016-05-25 14-43-08-85
+16 new COSTUMES

Doom and Destiny 2 2016-05-26 19-21-06-41
A whole new story chapter!