We promised an update and you’re gonna have it!

Here it is, a glimpse of the huge world map we did and we are trying to fill with      dungeons, monsters, boats, ships and flying ships!

And more is to come!

Stay tuned, because we are working very hard for all of you fans!

Because we like you a lot!


I bet you nerds and fans are wondering what are we doing.
Are we working on the update?

Of course we are!

But it’s a long and hard work!

Right now we’ve finished the HUGE world map and every inch of it will be explorable on foot, by boat, ship and even FLYING SHIP!

We have update the inventory: more weapons, more armors and more magic items!

We are also working on a “side-quest” system that rewards players who enjoy beating the shit out of monsters!

More powers and more dungeons are on their way!

Oh, and by the way, we also did an huge spellcheck and bug fix!

Stay tuned for more news!!!


And now about the update, as we have been discussing on the forum, there will be some minor fixes, a re balance of weapons and armors, an improved inventory with an additional filter for Utilities,Body Armors,Rings and Accessories.

And more, the ability to save your game on a memory card or USB stick, a screenshot function, an increase to the level cap, more misspellings and a lot of new mid and endgame content.

Be sure to keep your advanced savegames !


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