– Added Powers up affinity level 16 for Sorcerer, Necromancer, Knight, Bard, Pirate, Black Guard, Warrior, Rogue, Ranger and Chef.
– Updated Knigth, Sorcerer and Ranger passive powers.
– The ARENA will unlock perks up to level 75!
– Fixed the South-East small town port issue

Doom & Destiny WORLDS

Dear nerds,
it’s finally official!
We are working on DOOM & DESTINY WORLDS,
the third installment from our beloved, tubular and preposterous
Doom & Destiny serie🐉.

DD3_Roll Up 50% - Cut

In the last couple of months we’ve kept ourselves busy making a super awesome demo for theMicrosoftDreamBuildPlay!
And you know what it means? It’s TRAILER TIME!

We need al your prayers to convince the mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster to let us win! Roll your best d20 as token of “good luck”, ask your local DM for a blessing, ’cause Do&De Worlds has to rule the World!

LASAGNE UPDATE – Pyromancer and more!

FACEBOOK_2017-05-25 Lasagna

The adventures with Doom & Destiny ADVANCED never end!
The Pyromancer for Johnny is now available and a new super quest awaits high level nerds! Sail the sea, fight dozens of monsters, level up and face a new challenge, hard as Steel!

The content update features:
– New Class for Johnny, the hot Pyromancer
– New Vehicles, sail across the deep ocean
– New End game Storyline, the Steel Mask
– Level Cap 99
– New secrets, new gear, new Cosplays
– New bugs and misspellings
– Fixed an issue with the 4 branches Death’s world puzzle

Doom & Destiny Advanced: BUCATINI update!


The latest update for Doom & Destiny Advancedis NOW AVAILABLE on every platform. Just launch the game and let it download it!
BUCATINI UPDATE,what’s new, arrrrr:
+ Added the PIRATA, a new class for Mike
+ Added Mystycal Smith quest
+ Added Upgrades to the Four Rings of Power
+ Added the Spaghetti Temple near RiverTown
+ Added a SECRET BOSS, super mega HARRRD!
+ Level Cap 80
+ 116 total Secrets
+ 15 total Sidequests
– fixed graphical issue and minor bugs
+ new mispellings



Doom & Destiny Advanced – Steam Full Release

Doom & Destiny Advanced gets its FULL RELEASE on STEAM.

With the main story line completed, the game can now face the marked, proud of its year in Early Access. All this, thanks to the fans support!


BUT the adventures ofNigel, Mike, Johnny and Francis are far from over!

The Christmas Update will send our heroes to a far cold land to face a familiar red ninja and his army of deadly deers!
Unlock new costumes, new powers and a NEW CLASS for Mike <3



RELEASED Chapter 12 “Nerds Never Die”


It has finally been released.
The Chapter 12, “Nerds Never Die“, is the epic conclusion to the preposterous adventures of Nigel, Mike, Johnny and Francis.

Join the nerdiest team of heroes and ally with with Esmeralda, Rose, Viola and Marcus Fatum. Attack Solomon Steel’s city, Steelingrad and reach for his private quarters to finally settle the war.
Will our heroes be victorious? Do really #NerdsNeverDie?


This update features:
* The storyline conclusion!
* Level Cap increased to 70!
* Level 7 Gear fully available
* New Artifacts and new Powers
* A total of 107 secrets!
* Clowns, elevators andCthulhu.

Coming Soon – Last Story Chapter

Doom and Destiny 2 2016-08-29 13-12-14-71

Warming up for the next big update! 🍝
Since we want to deliver the best ending for the great Doom & Destiny Advanced, we are taking some more time to improve the gameplay and sprinkle some Parmigiano on the last story chapter!