Developer Log, 12 Feb 2020


We are aware that many of you are asking for a closed/open beta of the game, but we built Do&De Worlds differently from our previous works.
In our previous games, each small area was done from start to finish (mapping, enemies, treasure, dialogues), but in Worlds, we focus on each aspect on the WHOLE game.
So, for example, we started mapping the WHOLE world, then we moved to add the trees, then the bushes, then the treasures… and so on.

Now it’s the time for the story and the dialogues.

If we release now a DEMO, the game will be unplayable ’cause the player will have NO IDEA where to go and what to do as even the smallest goal or item description is not explained.

This is how HeartBit Interactive works… This is ho DESTINY works!

We hope this long post didn’t bore you to death.

Stay tuned for more!

Developer Log, 28 Jan 2020

Can this big stony head really be smarter than Francis???
The story of Doom & Destiny #WORLDS is really full of twists!

But the biggest mystery is: why that stony head is wearing sunglasses in a cold and snowy environment???

I guess we have to wait Benjamin to finish writing all the dialogues!

More news about Do&De #WORLDS development coming soon!


Developer Log, 21 Jan 2020.

Not to argue or anything, but WE were delaying games before it was cool 🍝

Making games is a difficult job 🐉

Making the assets (graphic, music, stuff like that) is hard, but managing to make the game FUN is super giga hard.

There is no mathematical formula or exact rule to follow…

Managing to combine every aspect of the game and craft a memorable gaming experience is like magic:
if you do it right, amazing things might happen,
but if you don’t, it might backfire on you, #blow your hands, #burn your skin and turn you into a #frog 🧙‍♂️💥🐸


Developer Log, 13 Jan 2020.

Sorry for the lack for recent post, but our beloved Benjamin failed a Constitution saving throw and got sick.
Now he is fine and it’s back to work with just a few less HP.
Doom & Destiny #WORLDS 🌍 will be an open world adventure. Total freedom of exploration is given to the player, but we still want to tell a story and many colorful characters, old and new, can be meet to get information and buy stuff.
In these days, Benjamin is focusing on writing the story and dialogues. Wish him luck and pray for the Flying Spaghetti Monster to give him inspiration 🍝

Developer Log, 20 December 2019

This month was spent testing and bug fixing… Mostly bug fixing since for every hour of game play tested we ended up with 3 hours of debugging 😅
Snow was particularly tricky to implement, but now, if the weather is cold, instead of raining, it snows and the ground is randomly covered in sweet sweet white snow ☃️
Now the player can build snowmen for no particularly reason 😁
Let’s close this log wishing you all happy holidays.
We are going to take a break till next year, so…
see you in 2020 🎉
#NerdsNeverDie #NerdsGoOnVacation

Developer Log, 18 December 2019

Since the “open world” nature of Doom & Destiny #WORLDS, we noticed it would be hard to pinpoint an island or a place to a friend. We decided to add a name to every island and a symbol to showcase the “tier” which is the challenges and the rewards it features.

Now the hard part is to come up for a name for every island 😁


Dev Log, 12 December 2019

We never tried a dev log before. We’ve always been too busy or too lazy (mostly lazy) to start one… So please forgive us if it lose momentum, but we really wanted to keep you posted on the development of Doom & Destiny #WORDLS 🐉
Today we spent a lot of time testing the game. It’s very easy when you’re in a small team to lose track of your game, keep developing stuff and never test it. So, today, we played for a few hours and found so many bugs that if there were a “indie game bug award of 2019” we would probably have won it! We spent more time writing bug reports than playing 😅
May the Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy of our soul!

Heartbit Interactive update

Hello dudes and dudettes!
This is HeartBit Interactive, the nerds behind Doom & Destiny.

We are aware that we haven’t been posting for a while, but it’s because we have been working a lot 🤖
When we are under heavy work stress, we are less “social” and more “workaholic”… This is how the mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster made us 🍝

Let’s recap:
– CONSOLES: we are currently porting Do&De ADVANCED on #Switch, #PS4 and #XOne. The reason the porting is taking so long is due to the online features of D&De Adv, which are very hard to port on console. We wished to release the game by the end of this years, but porting takes a lot of time and we strongly believe it’s not gonna happen, so our goal will be first half of 2020 😀

– DOOM & DESTINY WORLDS: many of you are asking us when the game will be released. We don’t have a date, but we aim for a PC release in the first half of 2020, after the porting of Advanced on Console. We will try to keep you posted on more news, screenshots and videos 🐉

What we ask you is to be patient and pray the mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster to give us the power to code faster and defeat random encounters!!!


Doom & Destiny on Playstation 4

28th February (EU 🇪🇺) // 4th March (Americas 🇺🇸 ).
Doom & Destiny.

Well, it took us quite a while, we even got delayed at the last second, but we finally made it.
Being able to have our first and beloved Doom & Destiny on #Playstation4 is for us an amazing achievem… ehm, we mean, amazing trophy 

The first Doom & Destiny prototype saw the light of day in february 2009! TEN years ago!!!
If you were telling us, 10 years ago, that a small demo/prank about four friends of ours will be available today on #PS4, we would have rolled initiative and attacked you!

But here we are, ready for some more challenges and to entertain you even more! 🍝🐉

Doom & Destiny on Nintendo Switch!

8th February.
Doom & Destiny.
Nintendo Switch.
Mamma mia!
With the help of the most famous Italian plumber, Mario Rossi, and the always welcome blessing of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Doom & Destiny will be available on #NintendoSwitch 🇯🇵
We are extremly excited to finally land on a Nintendo console. We grew up playing with the #GameBoy, #SNes and #N64 and being able to play with our beloved nerds on a #Switch is, for us, a giga-awesome achievement 🐉
Please, #spread the word and #celebrate with us eating Spaghetti and mushrooms 🍝
#NerdsNeverDie #Nintendo #Switch #MammaMia