Doom & Destiny Worlds, releasing on Steam September 18

All praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster 🍝
Doom & Destiny WORLDS is coming on Steam
18 September 2020.

When Destiny calls for help, but no one answers, only four nerds can save the day 🐉

Get ready to explore, craft, build and fight weird enemies,
alone or in 4 players co-op mode,
in the new chapter of the Doom & Destiny series ⚡️

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Developer Log, 1 Jul 2020

Hello dear nerds!
The last couple of months have been CRAZY.
Aside from the “pandemic thing”, we have been rushing a developing our beloved Doom & Destiny #WORLDS and we are proud to say that we are at a good point!!!

We are testing and bug fixing like crazy. There still are many issues, like the sun popping out from the day/night bar, BUT the game is in a good state, so your wait will soon be over.

Summer Sale!

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This message was made to show you that us, the nerds of HeartBit Interactive, are alive and well!


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Doom & Destiny Worlds – Beta Testing

You wanted it. You needed it. Aaaaand here it comes!
It’s the Doom & Destiny #WORLDS closed #BETA!
And it’s here to be TESTED by you!

If you feel ready to embark on an adventure full of BUGS, CRASHES and BSODs (no come on, those should not be there), fill out this form:
and you can help us improve the final experience for every other player!

The participation in the closed Beta is reserved for a closed number of participants, we apologize in advance if your request to participate will not be accepted!

Initially the Beta Test will start on Steam (Windows)

Developer Log, 26 Mar 2020.

We have an important message for you all:

Since our last post, many things have happened. HeartBit Interactive is very close to the epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy, but luckily, none of us, or of our families, or friends, were hit.

With the power of smart working and a little help from the mighty Spaghetti Monster, the team is still developing Doom & Destiny #Wordls!

So don’t you worry, your favourite nerds are alive with full HP & MP!


Developer Log, 20 Feb 2020

Since you enjoyed the post about the development of a #indiegame, we decided to fill you in with more exclusive “behind the scene” news about Doom & Destiny #WORLDS.

The pic shows the evolution of an island: from concept to first prototype to implementation.
The whole level was resized because we are aiming to better performance and seamless transition between islands.
Better performance means a better gaming experience… And less trouble to our level designer ’cause filling bigger worlds is very hard!

Stay tuned for more geeky gossips about the upcoming Doom & Destiny #WORLDS!

Developer Log, 18 Febbraio 2020

Have you ever wondered how video games are made?

While the work on Doom & Destiny #WORLDS started in 2017, our game designer only started recording his day by day work on paper in March 2018.
2 years later, he reached page 200 

He does it to help visualize his mad thoughts about the game and keep track of small bugs and hot fixes (big ones need a big computer).

Does any one of you nerds is a game developer? Do you still use pen & paper to support your work? Do you still use pens or paper in 2020?

FUN FACT: the reason why we still use paper is because in 2012 we printed many, MANY, pre-filled receipts hoping to speed up the sales during a fair. Long story short, we didn’t sell anything and we were left with a ton of half used sheets of paper. Instead of throwing them away, we decide to “recycle” them using the white back of each paper.

Developer Log, 12 Feb 2020


We are aware that many of you are asking for a closed/open beta of the game, but we built Do&De Worlds differently from our previous works.
In our previous games, each small area was done from start to finish (mapping, enemies, treasure, dialogues), but in Worlds, we focus on each aspect on the WHOLE game.
So, for example, we started mapping the WHOLE world, then we moved to add the trees, then the bushes, then the treasures… and so on.

Now it’s the time for the story and the dialogues.

If we release now a DEMO, the game will be unplayable ’cause the player will have NO IDEA where to go and what to do as even the smallest goal or item description is not explained.

This is how HeartBit Interactive works… This is ho DESTINY works!

We hope this long post didn’t bore you to death.

Stay tuned for more!